Grant Opportunities

2015-2016 Green Schools Grants

Open to accredited Pre-K-12 schools in Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries' Environmental Education Commission (LEEC), in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), is now accepting proposals for the new 2015-2016 Green Schools Grants program. The LEEC/LDOE is offering this grant to encourage Green Ribbon Schools initiatives in accredited Louisiana schools. Proposals to be considered are those that align with pillars found in the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools Program

General Information:

·         Application deadline: May 11, 2015

·         Maximum award: $5000.00

·         Applications will be accepted via electronic submission only.

·         All applications will undergo an anonymous and competitive grant review process.

2015-2016 LEEC/LDOE Green Schools Grant Guidelines​

2015-2016 LEEC/LDOE Green Schools Grant Application

Questions? Please contact Venise Ortego


Find a list of Green Schools resources compiled by the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission in the "Related Links" section below.

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2015-2016 Grants Program!




Project Leader 

Team Teacher
(if applicable)

School/ Organization

Project Title


John Dupuis

Jonathan Himel

St. Thomas More Catholic High School

Cafeteria Composting


Michelle Grantham

Dianna Hammond

Villa del Rey

Science and the Great Outdoors


Paul LeBlanc

Windy Mobley

L. W. Higgins High School

Wind Variation


Mary Legoria

Pam Fry

Westdale Heights Academic Magnet

Getting Our Feet Wet in the Wetlands


Adams Lintz


Green Park Elementary

Butterfly Investigations


Helen Umstead


Scott Middle School

Modeling Environmental Leadership






Project Leader 

Agency Affiliation

Project Name


Stephanie Krouse

Academic Distinction Fund

Pre-K Private Eyes - Exploring Our Small, Small World






Project Leader 


Project Title


Warwick Allen

Louisiana State University

The role of fungi, nutrient availability and competition in wetland plant invasions


Alexander Ameen

Tulane University

Spatial and temporal trends in a freshwater wetland seed bank


John Anjier

Southeastern Louisiana University

Assessing the impact of flooding and nutrients on three wetland plant species found along the Louisiana Gulf Coast


Andrew Flick

Louisiana State University

The effects of predation on disease transmission in soybean loopers (Pseudoplusia includens)


Sarah Giltz

Tulane University

Effects of ocean acidification on intermolt duration and growth of the juvenile blue crab in the Northern Gulf of Mexico


Rachel Harman

Louisiana State University

Different forms of density dependent dispersal and their effects on population dynamics


Michael Henson

Louisiana State University

Assessment of wetlands on the Louisiana coast using baseline microbial community structure and developing microbial indices


Katherine Hovanes

Louisiana State University

Effect of spatial pattern of a dominant competitor on community assembly processes


Zhen Xu

Louisiana State University

Assessment of Stable Isotopes of Dissolved Oxygen and Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Catahoula Lake